Neglected Houses

And other things that should not have been forgotten

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Hi, I'm Collin, known as America's Conscience on Twitter and elsewhere. This website is a place for me to post my musings and various other things away from the incessant din of the modern Internet.

I call this website "Neglected Houses" because that is what I believe the West has become -- a neglected house, once tall, noble, beautiful, well kept, but now long abandoned, neglected, falling apart, under attack by termites and wanted for scrap by opportunists, yet still beautiful and still salvageable, if there are those who love it enough.

This was once beautiful, and still is, though sorrowful.

I believe aesthetics are important, and cultivating beauty should be one of the primary responsibilities of any culture. For decades, our own civilization has been promoting ugliness, not beauty, a sign of decadence and decay. We must create beautiful things again.

Vermont, 1940

I will post everything that is true, good, and beautiful on this website. I hope it will be a little light in the world. There's not much here yet, but hopefully there will be soon.